….eating unprocessed and minimally processed foods doesn’t sound like fun. It sounds restrictive.

Diets are restrictive and diets don’t work.

If eating minimally processed foods isn’t going to work, then why did I tell you all about them?

Because it will work – we just need to think about it a little differently.

This isn’t a diet, this is a challenge.

Challenges are fun. Challenges push you. They force you to bet on yourself and go beyond your comfort zone a little because you want to (wanting to and having to come with different levels of motivation – I’ll let you guess which is the higher level of motivation 🙂 )

You can do anything for 30 days AND you’ll reap the benefits for your life.

I’m not going to ask you to eat exclusively unprocessed and minimally processed foods for the rest of your life.

That would be REALLY difficult but more importantly – it is totally unnecessary! There are a handful of processed (and even ULTRA-PROCESSED) foods that are great to have in your diet (we’ll cover this later in the actual Challenge coaching lessons).

But we are going to hyper focus on eating (nearly) exclusively unprocessed and minimally processed foods for 30 days because it is going to accelerate your nutrition learning, habit formation, and most importantly – your results.

When the 30 days are up, you are going to have all kinds of new habits and a lot of newfound knowledge of unprocessed and minimally processed foods. But more importantly, you’ll have experience.

You’ll know what actually works for YOU and what doesn’t.

You’ll know exactly what nutrition changes made you feel great, what was worth the effort, and what wasn’t.

You can’t read a book, skim a blog post, watch a video or listen to a podcast to get this information. This 30 day challenge will unlock information about you, food, and how the two interact that you can only get through experience.

What’s great is that this information will stick with you forever.

You’ll be healthier and more confident with your diet as a result.

So how does this challenge work?

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