This Diet is Not An Option

“Not an option. Make it simpler“

There I was sitting across the table from one of the most powerful individuals in technology (maybe all of business?) and he wanted to know what he could do to improve his diet and lose weight.

Counting Calories/Macronutrients was out.

Not a chance.

This person had multiple assistants (with one always available at any time in any time zone) managing the client’s calendar by the minute.

There was no time for calorie counting.

What about a private chef? That’d be an easy solution.


The client was too much on the go and their schedule was in too much flux.

So what would I recommend?

The 6 Pillars of Nutrition is my standard. It is the foundation for everything. We started discussing that…

1) Eat Multiple Meals per day
2) Eat Minimally Processed Foods Without Added Sugars
3) Eat Fruits and Vegetables at Every Meal
4) Drink Water and Calorie Free Beverages
5) Eat Protein at Every Meal
6) Be Strategic with your Starches

But within 4 minutes….

“Too complicated, I need simpler. Only things that will impact my food choices. I need to make better choices.”


One of the things that I learned a long time ago from Celebrity and Master Trainer Joe Dowdell was that you needed to give clients what they wanted AND what they needed.

So, some of the 6 Pillars needed to go so I could make the plan simpler and more action oriented.

….but I needed to also (give him what he needed and) structure his plan so it would help create big picture understanding of the foods he should be eating consistently with abundance vs. the foods he should be limiting.

I paused. Sipped my coffee to buy me some more time….then it came to me! It was a strategy that would…

  1. Be simple to follow.
  2. Be action oriented.
  3. Lay the foundation for him to be healthier for life.
  4. Allow him to follow just about all of my Pillars of Nutrition without focusing on following all six of the Pillars of Nutrition

So here’s what I did….

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