“I’ve Unequivocally Hacked the Formula for Nutrition Success…I Want You To Have It.”

Over the last 17 years of being a nutrition professional, I’ve unequivocally hacked the formula for nutrition success and we’re going to put it in action together in the Minimally Processed Food Challenge.

Anyone that has ever had long term success with their nutrition program took all 5 of these steps.

  1. Commitment
  2. Education
  3. Action
  4. Accountability
  5. Course Correction

Then repeat until you meet your goal.

Let’s dig into each one a little to help you get on your way.

If you aren’t committed to achieving your goal it won’t happen. I’ve had clients that haven’t gotten the results they wanted despite me setting them up with a private chef that weighed and measured all the food in everyone of their meals per my exact specifications.


Because they weren’t committed. They would eat other stuff instead. They would snack. They would drink 20oz of sweet tea. They weren’t committed to the plan.

The best plan in the world still requires commitment.

Long term success with any nutrition plan requires that you know the what and the why behind what you are doing. Understanding the what is important so that you know what you are actual supposed to do – We’re eating minimally processed foods.

Knowing they why is essential for long term success – we want to eat more nutrient rich foods that will fill us up on less calories helping improve our health, energy, and body weight.

Education also fuels commitment. By knowing how your actions are going to directly fuel your nutrition success will just embolden your commitment.

I always tell clients that come to me for weight loss help…

“My goal isn’t just to help you lose 10lbs but to ensure that your never have to lose this 10lbs again"

Education is essential for this to happen.

You gotta do it. Reading a book isn’t enough.

This isn’t a philosophy class.

Make the choices. Prep the food. Eat the meals.

Putting your plan into action is key because when the plan meets your body’s biology – we learn stuff. We start to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Is someone there for you? Do you have a person that understands what you are trying to accomplish and why?

The late great basketball coach Pat Summit once said..

“Responsibility equals accountability equals ownership. And a sense of ownership if the most powerful weapon a team or organization can have"

Living a Strong, Fit, and Healthy life is hard. It is almost by definition counterculture.

Society, as a whole, is structured to have you move less and eat more. This is why having someone (or a group of people) on your side, checking in with you, driving you to take ownership of your nutrition choices is essential for your success.

Course Correction
As a graduate student I ran clinical trial looking at the impact of different versions of a heart healthy diet on cholesterol levels. People on the heart healthy diet reduced their cholesterol by 10% on average. But when you looked at the individual data points – some people experienced a 20% reduction, some people saw no change, and 1-2 people experienced a 3% increase!

This is how nutrition work in real life. You are a person. You aren’t the average of 37 people.

If you don’t put your plan into action, then we won’t know how your body will respond. Once it responds. We need to adjust, correct the course, and continue moving forward.

Let’s review where we are at this point….

  1. We know that a simplified (but not diluted) nutrition plan that focuses on action is the yellow brick road to nutrition success.
  2. Using food processing as a barometer for food decision making is simple way to help you made quality food choices that will: fill you up on less calories, higher quality nutrition, and best support your weight loss/health/energy goals.
  3. No nutrition plan can be successful overtime without – Commitment, Education, Action, Accountability, and Course Correction.

Here’s how we’re going to put these steps into action in the Minimally Processed Food Challenge

Give me 30 days….No, don’t give ME 30 days. I challenge you to commitment to yourself 30 day of eating un- and minimally processed foods to jumpstart, reboot, and/or recommit yourself to your health and vitality.

We have this in spades. I call it Action Oriented Education (AOE). But don’t worry…we aren’t talking about 60 minute Zoom meetings! I’m talking about 1-3 minute videos emailed to you each day to educate you on the how’s and why’s of making minimally processed food choices to help you be successful with this challenge.

Simple, low friction, and easy content to consume and put into action.

Speaking of action…

Our education videos are action oriented. I want you to take the information and put it into action in your life. I’m also going to provide you with nutrition planning sheets, Shopping Starter Guide, simple challenge approved recipes and more. Despite being run by a PhD (me!), this Challenge is NOT an academic exercise. It is all action.

I’m here for you. I’m tracking the lessons that you engage with and the ones that you don’t. If you have questions – your answers are just an email away – you are going to have all the support and accountability that it takes to be successful.

Course Correction
The worksheets, handouts, and lessons are not just designed to teach you about MPFs but more importantly they are designed to make sure that you know how to make the changes needed in your life.

This is one of the things that sets the Minimally Processed Food Challenge apart – No diets. No canned meal plans. Only information and advice that is DIRECTLY applicable to your life.

If you’ve gotten this far, you are ready for this challenge but…this is nutrition we are talking about…on the internet. So by definition there is a always a glimmer of skepticism.

I don’t take this personal. I understand.

This is why the Minimally Processed Food Challenge is backed by TWO of the strongest guarantees that you’ll find anywhere.

Guarantee #1: 60 Day – Not Happy and Regretful Guarantee

If you join me in this 30 day Challenge you are going to lose weight, have more energy, and find yourself it a state of greater health and vitality. Guaranteed. This effect is going to be so strong that you’ll still feel that way at the 60 day mark (a full month AFTER finishing the challenge). But if you don’t and you aren’t happy about it. You can get a full refund for the Challenge.

Guarantee #2: It Doesn’t Matter Guarantee

I’m doubling down on your happiness here. I want to help empower people like you to use nutrition to live a Strong, Fit, & Healthy life. So if you find that after 30 days, you just aren’t happy with the Challenge for any reason or no reason at all. It Doesn’t Matter why you want a refund – you can have one. Not everyone is meant to be on the same team and that’s fine.

Enrollment for the Early Fall Challenge Group is CLOSED.

This is going to be fun working together.

Let’s Roll,

Dr. Mike